"Maybe she'll just let me go."

Lana makes Nattie Neidhart her wedding planner on Wednesday's Total Divas, but Nattie's just not into it.

In this clip from the episode, Nattie goes with Lana to look at wedding dresses and decides to "pick out some really ugly dresses" and make suggestions Lana "hates" in order to get fired from the job!

"Lana hates every single thing that I suggest, even suggestions that I actually kinda like," Nattie says. "Maybe she'll just let me go."

Total Divas, Lana, Nattie Neidhart


After hating all of Nattie's suggestions Lana says, "I'm feeling my heart race, no matter what I'm trying to tell Nattie, she's not understanding. I just really want my wedding to be unique and special."

She even tells Nattie, "Literally I'm getting a headache."

See Nattie put her plan in motion in the Total Divas clip above!

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