The new season of Total Divas hasn't even begun but there's already plenty of drama brewing between the two beautiful WWE blondes.

In a sneak peek for season two, viewers witness new cast member Summer Rae putting her hands on Nattie after being called a stripper.

We heard from Summer Rae last week when she told E! News the two are still trying to work things out.  But now, we're getting Nattie's side of the story that's a little less pretty.

"Let's just put it this way," Nattie said. "Summer Rae's a beautiful girl, beautiful hair, beautiful legs. But for me, it stops at that."

Nattie, Summer Rae, Total Divas

Courtesy of E!; WWE

"She decided to show up to my house unannounced and it's a long story but I don't really put up with any nonsense from her," she added.

While Nattie believes Summer Rae's physicality is a huge reason for their rift, the new castmember is a little less certain.

"I kind of don't get it," she told E! News. "As strong, beautiful, powerful women like the WWE Divas are, we should always support each other and always uplift each other."

Nattie, on the other hand, thinks she has Summer Rae all figured out.

"She lives in a world of denial," Nattie said. "She likes to pretend that she can't understand why we've had issues but you know, Summer knows what's going on."

We can't wait for this drama to unfold right before our very eyes!

- Reporting by Jeffrey Wisenbaugh 

Watch the season two premiere of Total Divas on Sunday, March 16th at 9/8c only on E!

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