"Go Team Boo-Boos!" - Nikki Bella cheering on John Cena and Daniel Bryan. "No, don't say that." - Brie Bella.


In an exclusive clip from this Sunday's Total Divas, The Bella Twins are backstage at WWE RAW watching their WWE Superstar boyfriends kick butt in the ring.


Nikki Bella is dating John Cena and Brie Bella is dating Daniel Bryan. Not only do they work and travel with them, they're in committed relationships!


The girls love to watch their men in action and Nikki seems to get really excited...


"I get so turned on watching John wrestle. Half naked, muscles just bulging, sweat dripping down his chest..." Whoa, did somebody turn the heat on?!


Brie says she likes Bryan's hair and mentions John's "big ole' butt". Nikki says she wants to bite it!


Hey now, this is an intense sport and wrestling is no joke. We should be focusing on their moves, body slams and unwavering stamina!


Watch the clip above to see who wins the intense match!


Tune-in to E! this Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas! Check out WWEDivas.com for even more Diva-related content!


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