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Recap: Things Get Steamy on The Wanted Life

Every week we recap the latest The Wanted Life episode with candid observations and pics/gifs of the best moments.

You know an episode is going to be good when it starts off with Siva saying this...

The Wanted, Ep 105

Jay and Siva are practicing their dance moves at a dance studio to warm up for a music video shoot that's coming up.

We learn that Siva isn't the greatest dancer and Jay does a little impression of Siva for us.

The Wanted, Ep 105

(We actually can't judge because we probably look worse.)


The guys get back to the house and Kev, their security guard, notices there are paparazzi surrounding the house trying to snap pics of them.


Kev makes a pretty rude comment about cellulite and Kelsey's feelings are really hurt. (Like he's one to talk!)

The Wanted, Ep 105

We've noticed that the episodes have been pretty tame so far, in regards to partying. But they're rock stars, so it's no surprise when things start to get wild. It's time to party!


Bunches of people start coming over the house and things get crazy. People are flipping into the pool, people are slamming on the piano, there's drinking, girls are screaming and it's getting loud!


Nareesha is trying to work and can't concentrate! Siva tells her she's going to have to deal with it tonight but he'll talk to the guys tomorrow.


The night ends with Max having a little too much to drink...

The Wanted, Ep 105

The next morning the sun comes up and we see the aftermath... It's not a pretty sight.

The Wanted, Ep 105

Tom, Nareesha, Siva and Jay all confront Max about the level of partying. Max says if Nareesha can't handle the partying, maybe she shouldn't live there...


Siva is pissed! And to make matters worse, Nathan comes to Max's defense.

The Wanted, Ep 105

Max obviously doesn't take their "concerns" into consideration and has another partythat same night! And this time, things gets even crazier!

There's a lot more girls and Max is kissing people left and right!

The Wanted, Ep 105

(All we can say is: Get us in that hot tub!!)


Somehow one of the girls breaks away from the group and ends up in Siva and Nareesha's room...


Siva thinks they're going to get stabbed.

The Wanted, Ep 105

The party ends and everyone confronts Max the next morning.


They finally convince him that the partying is getting out of hand and that strangers shouldn't be roaming around their house.


Max apologizes and they kiss and make up. No but really, he kisses all of them, even Siva!

The Wanted, Ep 105

It's finally time to shoot the music video and they get some good quality time together!


They're having fun, laughing, goofing around... Oh, and pouring water on each other... WHY AREN'T WE THERE?!

The Wanted, Ep 105

After the shoot, Siva and Nareesha decide to celebrate their fifth anniversary by having a nice, romantic dinner.


Jay is their waiter and Max is their chef. What could possibly go wrong?!

The Wanted, Ep 105

The dinner goes off without a hitch and we're actually pretty impressed with how professional Max and Jay were!

The Wanted, Ep 105

We spoke too soon...

And with that, we have to wait one more week to see our beloved The Wanted guys again.


Make sure you tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for another all-new episode of The Wanted Life!

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