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Recap: Seven Minutes in Heaven with The Wanted on The Wanted Life

Things get off to a pretty weird start on this Sunday's The Wanted Life...

The Wanted Ep 103

After that weird thing with "iMax", the guys are invited to perform at a children's hospital by Ryan Seacrest and it's adorable to see the guys interact with the kids.


I mean come on, how can you not love Jay after this? We've got butterflies.

The Wanted Ep 103

Before the guys perform, Nathan's voice continues to get worse and he feels terrible. Nano tries to advise him on his "oral health"...

The Wanted Ep 103

Jump toMax and Jay having a beer in the morning. Those two always keep it classy...

The Wanted Ep 103

The children's hospital gets them in a "giving back" mood and they decide to do something special for their fans.


Max suggests having people over the house for a barbecue and that's when the crumpets hit the fan (we're keeping it British and PG up in here).


Max, Jay, Tom and Nathan all think it's a good idea. Siva and Nareesha not so much.


Things escalate pretty quickly and it turns into an all out argument, with Siva calling Max not such a nice name...

The Wanted Ep 103

Nareesha gets pissed and tries to confront Nathan.

The Wanted Ep 103

Things eventually settle down and the guys decide to talk to Siva in private. Without any girlfriends.


Basically, they just tell him majority rules and they're having people over to the house.


Siva gives in pretty easily without Nareesha around and lets them have the event.

The Wanted Ep 103

Finally fans start piling into the house and they get to have their fun filled Wanted World party.

The Wanted Ep 103

Everyone has a great time and Max tells us what we've been dying to know for so long.

The Wanted Ep 103

That's right, folks. Max is sexy by choice.


But wait, there's a surprise!


Under one lucky fan's chair there's a chance to spend "seven minutes in heaven" with one of the guys.


One of the girls finds the ticket to this once in a lifetime event and chooses Jay for this "experience".


Things get hot and heavy the minute they close that door...

The Wanted Ep 103

After the party, Siva takes back everything he said and is just happy that the fans were happy. Aw, he does care!


And with that, we have to wait one more week to see our beloved The Wanted guys again.


Make sure you tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for another all-new episode of The Wanted Life!


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