Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness, The Wanted

Jun Sato/WireImage

Throughout the ages great minds have entertained us with their wit and way with words. Shakespeare thrilled crowds with his lyrical plays, Mark Twain wrote clever social critiques, and taking the reigns of the grand literary tradition is… The Wanted!


British humor has served The Wanted well! We've put together the TOP 5 funniest quotes from everyone's favorite boy band!


Max George has a nice way of saying naughty things…

The Wanted Hot Tub Meme

And Jay McGuiness has a naughty way of saying naughty things!

The Wanted Jay Meme

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Max has a sense of humor about The Wanted's fan base…

The Wanted Fans Meme

They have some sage wisdom for young and vivacious Justin Bieber

The Wanted Bieber Meme

Although they probably should have taken their own advice…

The Wanted Lohan Meme

Tune in Sunday, June 2, at 10/9c for the season premiere of The Wanted Life!

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