We'll admit it. We've given Miley Cyrus a hard time over the course of the last year. We said she looks like Justin Bieber (and vice versa). We judged her for her seemingly endless twerking "phase". We even accused her of having a weird tongue. In short, we've been unkind. Accurate but unkind.

Normally we wouldn't recant verbally "raw dawging" someone who spent a year bouncing her ass bones around for the camera in a drunk Chuck E. Cheese leotard but something has changed. Sunday night Miley won music's most prestigious award; The MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year. Right now you might be saying, "That's not the most prestigious award in music. Plus isn't that more about the director of the video. I mean it's not like she directed it herself." To that I will tell you to shut up. Let's just keep saying it is for the sake of this post.

Long story short, Miley did it. She earned the respect of an industry that has lifted greats like Chris Brown to heights never imagined and for that reason we must eat crow. We're sorry Miley. Please accept this terrible cover of Wrecking Ball played on a recorder as our tribute to you.

She came in like a wrecking ball but she went out like a champion....Oh gross, is she licking her VMA? Jesus.

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