Not to sound pretentious, but we here at the Soup consider ourselves foodies. Which is why we were excited to see this video featuring a very (very, very, very) drunk man eating what we consider a delicacy: styrofoam.

There is one thing you should consider before indulging in styrofoam, which is that human beings 100% should absolutely not eat styrofoam. It's basically poison. Once it enters your body, your digestive system will revert into what doctors refer to as the "what the f*ck are you doing" mode, and start attempting to reject the styrofoam entirely. But, it will be unable to because styrofoam is basically the least biodegradable substance around. So, after the "what the f*ck are you doing mode," your body will enter into the "I'm going to ruin you tomorrow" mode and the next morning you will have the most unpleasant experience on the toilet of your life. 

All that being said, styrofoam is delicious. Sprinkle some paprika and fresh parmesan on there, and you got yourself a culinary masterpiece!

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