What a special little nightmare universe we live in.

A clip of Lady Gaga's new video for her song "Do What U Want" was leaked by TMZ, and we are having trouble deciding what we hate more about this.

On the one hand, the message behind this song is horrifying in the context of this video. Pairing the phrase "Do what you want with my body" with two sex offenders is like pairing a nice Merlot with…two sex offenders.

Wait, it's more like pairing a Merlot that has exhausted any initial goodwill towards its creative expression with two sex offenders.

In case you got lost in that analogy, "Merlot" represents Lady Gaga and her lyrics, and "two sex offenders" represent two "alleged" sex offenders.

But on the other hand of things to hate about all of this, TMZ is who leaked this video, and it makes us sick to our stomach to have to embed their video. Literally sick. Like, we are vomiting on our computers right now. It's honestly a miracle that they haven't malfunctio

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