Well, this is pretty much the exact opposite of the other baseball video from this week.

If word of this gets back to his grandma, we have to imagine it might put a stop to the $10 checks he gets from her every year on his birthday.

As much as we would like to commend this man on really living life to the fullest by smashing an old lady while catching a baseball, we here at the Soup do not condone smashing old ladies. You can help them put their groceries in their car, hold their arm as they cross the street, or even, if you're feeling audacious and charming, give them a peck on the cheek and tell them they don't look a day over 25, but you CANNOT smash them. No matter how smashable they look.

That being said, the joy this man experiences smashing this old lady is undeniable. Just look at his stupid face, for crying out loud!

soup - old lady
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