soup - b

Before you say anything let us just say that WE KNOW! IT'S NOT AS GOOD AS THE SUPER BOWL PHOTO OF HER LOOKING LIKE THE HULK!

That being said, she still looks super crazy, and we felt compelled to hold a photoshop contest for this picture.

We just have one… simple… request: No dicks. Please don't put dicks in Beyonce's hands. We know it's tempting. Hell, we even wanted to put dicks in her hands. But listen, not only is that the easy joke, but it's a joke that we cannot feature on our website (no matter how much we may want to).

Here's an example to get your creative juices flowing:

soup - b photoshopped

Here's a cutout:

soup - b template

Upload your photoshopped masterpiece to Imgur, or your image hosting site of choice, and post a link in the comments here or on Facebook. We'll feature our favorite submissions in a gallery!

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