We asked you to send in your favorite local commercials so that we would put them on our site, and after weeks of anticipation (and us totally forgetting that we had told you that we would do anything with them), we are finally featuring our first user-submitted local commercial!

We present to you… "The Special Man."

Here are some fun facts about The Special Man:

1. He has a direct line to the US treasury, and with a single phone call can erase your credit history, making it possible for you to buy that red ottoman you've been eyeing.
2. In grade school, he was taken out of the regular classes so that he could attend "special" classes designed just for him, where he could learn fun things like "counting" and "how to not eat chalk."
3. He's immortal.
4. He's plotting to kill you.

H/T to Pamela Seiler for submitting this video. If you have a favorite local commercial you think the whole world should see, leave a link in the comments!

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