NOTE: It'll help if you read this in a really ominous-type Southern accent.

Sometimes a series comes along, what grabs your attention and won't let go for nothing or nobody. You think about it when you're eating, when you're with your family, when you're sleeping. A show like that gets itself in your mind. True Detective is a show like that.

Other times there's a show what gets in your mind like I was saying then another show comes along and makes a sketch about that first show I was talking about. Maybe they get a guest star. Maybe it's Jim Rash from Community. Then maybe their host is in it. Let's say that's Joel McHale, because it is. I mean, he hosts The Soup. Then let's say that show goes and spends an ass load of money on that sketch. So much so that three people have to get fired. I'd say that's something worth seeing.

Basically I'm trying to say that we made a True Detective sketch with Joel and Jim Rash. It's pretty great and it's going to be on the show this week.

Catch True Detective on The Soup, March 5th 10/9c.

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