When you're a news anchor there are a lot of ways you can end a story. For example, you can share a good-natured laugh with your co-host. A terrible pun usually works too: Something like, "Now that's what I call horsing around, Carol." Getting suddenly affected and judgmental works as well. In that instance you simply shake your head as if what you just heard really hit home, maybe TOO close to home. Then you say, "Sad news…very sad. We'll be right back with sports."

There is, however, one way to end a story that has been greatly under-utilized by televised news...that is, until now. It goes something like this: As you begin to wrap up your story, the camera person slowly pans their camera up to give the illusion that you're exiting the studio via a tiny secret elevator behind your desk.

Don't believe it can work? Think again because a BBC reporter and her camera person totally nailed it recently.

Oh, ok. That's was actually a mistake. Got it.

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