Listen, we watch a lot of videos. We watch so many videos that they all start to run together and none of them seem funny anymore and we worry we may be having a mental breakdown. But then every so often, a video comes along that fills your soul with joy and puts lullabies in your heart. And today that video just happened to be of a clumsy reporter annihilating a child on a skateboard.

We have a theory about this video, and that theory is that this reporter was picked on by skateboarders as a kid. And so for years he dreamed of becoming a reporter, he worked his ass off in college, got an internship at a local station, impressed his bosses, and worked his way up the ladder until finally he got a chance to do his first fieldpiece, and that fieldpiece was on skateboarding. And then… he was finally able to get revenge on that little punk kid wearing a Billabong t-shirt who called him four-eyes in 7th grade... by leaping onto his modern day counterpart.

Congrats, Frogger (we're calling him Frogger around the office). You have finally avenged yourself.

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