Sometimes the gods in charge of giving us interesting/terrible/hilarious/naked things to write about shower us with abundance. A news blooper here, something dumb Kanye said about how important he is there, and boom! We have stuff to write about. Other times, however, the well runs dry. In times like that we here on The Soup web team are left to stare blankly at our screens praying for inspiration but knowing full well that we're probably going to end up hiding in the bathroom for the rest of the day. Again.

Thankfully, when one of those days comes along, we have a special box labeled "For Emergencies Only". What's in there you ask? Middle aged white dudes with knives and melee weapons destroying inanimate objects to the worst heavy metal track you've ever heard.

If this video proves anything it's this: You can break just about anything you set your mind to if you have the right tool and polo shirt.

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