Walk into any bowling alley in America and you'll notice a few things: Mountains of cigarette butts, rivers of nacho cheese, and a inescapable fog of stench that smells like if broken dreams and a decaying foot conceived a child.

But as fascinating as your average bowling alley is, nothing quite matches the high-stakes tension and bizarre egos of the middle-aged white men who claim the title of "professional bowlers."

We found a few videos that we feel truly capture that magical world of pro bowling.

This first one is of legendary bowler Pete Weber confronting a fan for making noise in the audience. We get a glimpse into what it's like to win a bowling match, and then have a complete mental breakdown.

This second video features a compilation of bowlers subtly and not so subtly losing their shit. Apparently holding a bowling ball makes you completely forget that there are cameras pointed at you.

This video shows what happens when you love bowling so much you lose your ability to...let go.

Happy bowling, everyone.

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