By now you've probably seen/read about/wrote fan fiction inspired by the huge commercials that aired during the Super Bowl yesterday. In short Coke made racists mad, Optimus Prime rode Grimlock for some reason, and Esurance got trolled on Twitter, hard.

However, what you might not know is that the most intense Super Bowl ad ever created aired last night as well and only people in Savanah, Georgia, got to see it. Isn't that always the way? Savanah gets all the good stuff, man.

The ad was paid for by and stars personal injury attorney Jamie Casino. Aside from having the most personal injury attorney-ish name of all time, Mr. Casino also has an amazing and emotional story to tell. It's a story about crime, lawyering, the death of a brother, and vengeance. Fiery, fiery vengeance (within the scope of the law as it's written in Georgia).

It's 2 minutes of glory, might and magic and it aired during the Super Bowl.

Was the commercial effective? Well, the next time you fall down on some ice in front of a building, get hurt in a car accident, or have an issue collecting worker's compensation are you going to hire a normal, regular, boring lawyer or are you going to hire a lawyer with a kick ass name and a magic sledgehammer possibly given to him by or imbued with the power of his deceased brother? That's what I thought. Case closed.

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