There are two things that are a must if you want to be an on-air sports announcer. First, you have to have knowledge of the game. If you don't you end up saying things like, "There goes the ball, right over to that guy with the black shoes. Now he's going to pick it up and there he goes throwing it overhand style to the other dude." Second, you need an unforgettable catch phrase to yell at the top of your lungs when something great happens. Something like, "GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!" or, "Kick his ass, Sea Bass!"

Trial and error is the best way to choose your catch phrase but I think the Taiwanese baseball announcer in this clip has finally nailed his. It's a keeper.

In his grand slam cheer the girlfriend comes back, they get married, she cheats on him, and he finds his ultimate happiness with a group of former alcoholics in a half-way house...That one is a work in progress.

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