The video game Joust for Atari is what we in the business call a "three joint idea." What that means is you'd need to smoke three joints to eventually arrive at the idea that space knights riding giant vultures and ostriches would make an amazing video game. And you know what? I'm not arguing with that. It's sound pot logic.

However, the commercial for Joust is another matter. If Joust the game is a three joint idea, Joust the commercial is five joints, a pile of coke, and an argument followed but a coffee mug of absinthe, a murder, two arrests, and a lengthy trial idea.

The message of that commercial is pretty clear. If you buy Joust you will be punished for your desire to enjoy a fun game by having your home trashed and your pet bird murdered. As for being turned into a vulture, that's not Joust's fault. Dude shouldn't have eaten that egg.

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