Kim and Kanye's wedding plans are officially underway, and the couple is already scoping out where they'll celebrate most important day of all of our lives. When the couple visited the breathtaking grounds of Versailles, they knew they could personalize it in a way that would give them the wedding of their dreams.  But unfortunately when got out regarding Kim and Kanye's plan for the estate, the staff expressed firm disapproval.

Here are some of the minor reonavations that Kim and Kanye proposed:


A.  Entire set of "Kris"

B.  Kanye West Museum

C. Bruce's cage

D. Louis XIV on a motorcycle topless (details pending—can we deface paintings?)

E-H. Full camera crew

I. Barneys

J. Vaginal Rejuvenation Station

K. Back-up leather jogging pants for Groomsmen

L. Giant lucite priest

M. Hologram of a real priest

N. Hall of (Extra) Mirrors--ceiling, hand, three-way and funhouse

O. North West meet-and-greet autograph table

P. Garden of butt-shaped ottomans

Q. Video Booth--run by Guy Ritchie

But really, no matter where this wedding happens, it's nice that the Kardashians will have an excuse to finally hang out as a family.

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