Once again for Throwback Thursday we have something to show you from back when America was a confused and scary place. Well, it still kind of is, but at least we don't have to sit through commercials like this anymore. Be warned: It's creepy.

To completely understand what's happening in this ad you may have to watch it a few times...if you're brave enough. If not, I'll break it down for you.

OK, first off: Why did they hire Michael Myers to score this commercial? That is the scariest tune I've ever heard for a beauty product spot, not to mention that haunted saxaphone that comes in to try and sex things up.

But let's get to the actual product. This is a lotion with a "baby smell" fragrance. So... baby smell = sex? Therefore, people who prefer this scent on their lovers should be put on a list... a list of sexual predators. And by the way, there is absolutely nothing sexy with what that woman is doing to that rattle(?).

Love's Baby Soft: Baby Smells for Gross Weirdos.

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