Welcome to The Soup's Top 13 of 2013, where we count down the top Soup posts of the year. Because the end of the year isn't about dumb stuff like family and goodwill. It's about making lists of things.

The Top 13 posts were determined by popularity in page views among you, our readers. So don't blame us.

#10: Miley Cyrus' Timeless Tongue

Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for MTV

Miley Cyrus puts the "pop" in "pop star," the "ass" in "class," and the "oh God why are you doing this with your life" in… well, whatever.

Last night at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus showcased a couple new signature moves: licking and grinding on a guy dressed as Beetlejuice (Robin Thicke) and sticking her bizarrely long giraffe tongue out for no reason at all.

We have to point out, however, that Miley wasn't the first to stick her tongue out for attention. Here are some important historical figures that also employed the same move.

Barack Obama stuck out his tongue during his inauguration.

Barack Obama with tongue

Nancy Pelosi's tongue is almost always flapping in the breeze.

Nancy Pelosi with tongue

We found this rare copy of a Marilyn Monroe photo where she showed off her abnormally long tongue.

Marilyn Monroe with tongue

Fun Fact: The Mona Lisa is drawn in such a way where it appears as though regardless of where you walk around it, the tongue follows you.

Mona Lisa with tongue

The Dalai Lama spreads his message of peace throughout with the world with his tongue out.

Daili Lama with tongue

We're guessing Miley Cyrus picked up this habit from her dad.

Billy Ray Cyrus with tongue

We were just surprised that this sullen gang participated in the fad.

Rihanna and One Direction with tongues

This just in: Miley's tongue was offered a 5-year contract to be the spokesperson for Blow Pops.

Editor's Note: We know why you guys liked this post...everybody loves a train wreck. And with Miley's tongue being arrested for a DUI and sent to rehab shortly after this article was posted, our pageviews shot through the roof.

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