Christmas is a time for joy, family, happiness, and of course love. Many of you will spend the holiday curled up in front of the fire place with your special someone or with a bottle of Disaronno you swiped from The Soup's Christmas party and many many years of regret to look back upon. Just me on that one? Oh. Ok.

I'm sure you've already purchased all the gifts you need for the love of your life but in case you haven't, might I suggest Romantic Poems Right from the Heart by Rick L. Williams. Have I read it? No. How do I know it's good? I've seen the commercial and I'll tell you this: You don't set the commercial for your anthology of love poetry to the theme from the Olympics if it's not the greatest collection of love poems ever put to paper.

Bottle of Disaronno, looks like we're going to have some company in front of the fire. Seventy-one love poems to be exact...Oh, and a crying jag or two might also be stopping by. Just saying.

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