When it comes to pools, dogs usually fall into one of two categories: Either they love it and jump in whether that's convenient for you or not OR they hate it and have no problem manically clawing you to death just to get out once you put them in. The dog in this clip falls somewhere in between. He doesn't hate the pool but he's NOT sold.

Quick note: Combining this video with Katy Perry's Roar really enhances it. You know, like playing Dark Side of the Moon during The Wizard of Oz.

As far as we can figure a few things might be going on here.

1) This dog is a senior citizen and is water walking foir health reasons. PS - He's wondering why the lifeguard isn't doing anything about these damn kids. There are still 10 minutes left before free swim! DAMN IT! PS part 2 - He's totally wearing aqua socks.

2) This dog also walks around like a person on dry land and eff you for trying to make him change his ways just to go swimming (Note: The dog in this scenario is also a senior citizen)

3) This dog is the pool creeper. He's concealing an underwater camera, keeps getting out and going to the locker room, and won't stop muttering about how warm the water is. If he gets in the hot tub with you, leave. 

4) This dog can't get out because it has a boner.

My guess? Number 4 with the aqua socks from number 1.

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