Welcome to The Soup's Top 13 of 2013, where we count down the top Soup posts of the year. Because the end of the year isn't about dumb stuff like family and goodwill. It's about making lists of things.

The Top 13 posts were determined by popularity in page views among you, our readers. So don't blame us.

#8: Name Blame

We're all for a good "Who's On First?" bit, but the graphics guy at this news station took things a little too far:

News Name Fail

"Officer Policeman of the LAPD noted that the suspect is still at large. For Channel 5, I'm Localnews Anchorman. Up next at 11 is Latenight Joketeller, followed by Funnier Latenight Joketeller."

via Imgur


Editor's Note: According to our pageview reports, this one made #8 solely due to a guy actually named Firstname Lastname in Camden, NJ googling himself 14 times a day for a year.

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