Welcome to The Soup's Top 13 of 2013, where we count down the top Soup posts of the year. Because the end of the year isn't about dumb stuff like family and goodwill. It's about making lists of things.

The Top 13 posts were determined by popularity in page views among you, our readers. So don't blame us.

#1: Miley's Dress Holds a Blatant Message

Miley Cyrus did some pretty boring, lame stuff last night at the European Music Awards. Who cares, right? Exactly. However, she did wear this really stupid dress with Tupac and Biggie airbrushed on it, and we'd like to take a moment to laugh at it. Commence laughing now:


Pretty hideous. The best part is that the dress says what we're all thinking.


Ok, that's all! Back to your much more meaningful, important, and redeemable life.

Editor's Note: We can understand this one. It was a perfect storm—Miley Cyrus in mid train-wreck AND an ironically tailored dress? How could anyone resist?

As a side note, it was really great of Tupac and Biggie to speak from beyond the grave like that on our behalf.

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