Before you get all worked up over this news of an oncoming shark avalanche, take a moment to put your feet up, sweep the hair off your neck and into a Bruce Jenner ponytail, and experience the most luscious links of the week.



Congress, you have a conference call at noon...with Fandango.

Miley at 40: No sex, but plenty of bean bag chairs.

No wonder the Dinks from the 1987 movie Spaceballs are tearing through our umbrellas.

He can't stop, and he won't just twenty-one tattoos of Miley Cyrus.

FOX News spends most of their day altering photos of their office. But don't worry, we have unphotoshopped versions.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Norris. I repeat, Chuck Norris.

This video is off the chain. What else would you expect from CNN?

This Halloween, don't let a little cyanide bring me down.


Enjoy the sweet sound of an innocent child shitting out an entire grocery list.

Surprisingly, this is last on Bruce Jenner's list of regrets.

Call a doctor if you see blood while blowing your nose on a  Flemish self-portrait.

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