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Movies Congress Needs to Watch

Look congress: we get it. The Democrats don't like the Republicans and the Republicans don't like the Democrats. Everyone has their own opinion and no one can get anything done. Well tough cookie! It's your job to get stuff done! So it's high time you all set aside each other's differences to achieve a common goal, and learn about one another in the process. And the only way to do that is by watching these great family movies together:


The Breakfast Club

Can you believe this? Five kids from very different social groups have Saturday detention together. Do you think they're going to get along? NO WAY! But guess what, they do! Of course things are rough at first, like the Government Shutdown, but then they all decide that they hate the principal and learn about each other! Then, at the end of the day, Simple Minds plays the only song they've ever played and everyone is kind of a better person because of it.


Freaky Friday

Get this: Mom and daughter do NOT understand each other. One wants to play in a band, the other works in a boring office somewhere. It seems like they'll never get along. But when they both open magical fortune cookies and swap bodies, their lives are turned upside down! At first it's all fun, but then things go bad! They have to fufill responsibilities that they're unfamiliar with! They learn pretty quickly that they need each other to get through this truly outrageous adventure! This one's in Biden's top five movies of all time, for good reason.


Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Imagine this: You're a cat and your family is moving to San Fransico, but they leave you behind! Oh no! How will you ever find them? Well how about a little help from a couple of dogs! That's right! Dogs and cats working together to be with the ones they love! This heartwarming comedy is sure to mend the twisted black heart of any congressman.


Toy Story

Cool new toys moving in on Woody's watch? I don't think so! But when Woody is accused of MURDER, he's gotta make friends with his rival in order to get in the moving truck before Andy moves away! Wait a second- we're Andy in this situation... WE CAN JUST MOVE AWAY FROM CONGRESS! C'mon everyone! Let's get the hell outta here!