The new America Idol judges have been announced, and we're sorry to say....the producers made a great decision!! These judges are willing to pretend to fight each other to the death, while at the same time fulfill their secondary purpose of discovering America's next great talent! But WHO ARE THEY??

American Blank

Inspired by feelings of alienation, the first judge is known for his fresh take on life--but he's mostly admired for marrying a hot Victoria's Secret model. No, it's not Harry Connick Jr.! It's your all-time favorite 80s star...ALF.


No one can remember the words to her songs, but she still manages to remain current in the bedazzled part of the zeitgeist. Known for her daring fashion choices and her intense emotional connection to dance, please welcome  the woman that is not JLo. Ladies and Gentlemen...Tan Mom!

American Tan

He has an ear for talent and—according to rumors—the longest sugar cone in the industry. Make some noise for A Giant Ice Cream Cone!

American Filled

Good news: Ryan Seacrest is still hosting. Bad news: The ice cream cone is already acting like a diva, and having serious conflicts with ALF.


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