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    Shirtless Alec Baldwin Photoshop Winners

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    Ireland Baldwin, Instagram
    Ireland Baldwin, Instagram Instagram

    We asked, and you delivered.

    After Alec Baldwin was photographed jumping shirtless off of a boat, we felt that it was absolutely necessary to see his gorgeous Baldwin body photoshopped into a variety of different scenerios. So we solicited the help of all of you to get the job done.

    Below are our favorite images, although for the record, you're all Baldwinners in our book.

    This was an obvious pick, mostly because we ABSOLUTELY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Seriously, Hollywood, get it together and make this happen. (Rain Redfield)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop 1

    Also, we would love to see this movie. Nothing makes us happier than the thought of an Oompa Loompa sized Alec Baldwin. (Laz Ryan Lackner)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop 3

    Obviously someone had to photoshop Alec riding a roller-coaster... (Eric Nunes)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop 4

    ...and a dolphin. (Paul Keser)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop 2

    This photoshop was completely unneccessary, and yet here it is: Kate Middleton giving birth to a tiny Baldwin. (Chris Cervellera)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop 5

    And of course, there's that other famous baby. (Barb Levi)

    Baldwin Photoshops

    We got a kick out of Super Baldwin Bros... (Jonathan Faccento)

    Baldwin Photoshops

    And we finally found out what had Stains the dog so transfixed. (Brian Harmon)

    Baldwin Photoshops

    Our favorite part of this contest was finding out that apparently a bunch of you want to see Alec Baldwin get devoured by a shark... (Daniel Quijano)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop Shark 1

    Again... (Brett Weaver)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop Shark 2

    and again... (Melanie Vowles Jerdon)

    Baldwin Photoshops

    and again... (Eric Nunes)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop Shark 3

    and again. (Tricia Goss)

    Alec Baldwin Photoshop Shark 4

    Check out the rest of the comments for more fabulous Baldwin photoshops!

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