Waxing nostalgic about the Pogo Bal, as we did recently, seems to have opened the floodgates to memories of our childhood toys. We've spent more of our work days heatedly discussing Crossfire and Skip It than it would be prudent to write about in a place our supervisors might see. Like we just did. Sh*t.

Anyway, these conversations landed on the subject of Operation, the game where you remove a bunch of random crap from the unhealthiest cartoon character in history. Bump the sides of his open wounds, and a loud buzzer would sound, indicating what we now realize must have been cardiac arrest or the patient bleeding out. Good clean fun.



No wonder we grew up to be terrified of hospitals. 'Wacky' and 'surgery' have no business being in the same sentence. This horrifying video has medical malpractice written all over it.

Operation Lawsuit

As if the charges in this tale of malfeasance weren't tragic enough, the Cavity Family's HMO has refused coverage for the disastrous surgery in question. Now Cavity Sam's widow is saddled with crippling debt, on top of her overwhelming grief. We blame Obamacare because...well, just because.

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