4th of July Weekend. A time for parties. A time for fun. A time to consume three Mt. Rushmores worth of BBQ and beer. Now it's over and if you're like us you're crippled with guilt (for many reasons, not just the over eating thing).

It's time to get back in shape. Make a midsummer fitness resolution. So we go to the gym. We start taking that morning run again. Or maybe we just THROW ON A BLACK SPEEDO AND WORK IT LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING (except for the guy with the camera and the lap top already logged in to Youtube).

Ok. Let's say that guy is our "before". If that's the case, then the people in the next video are our "after". After what? After a diet of aerobics and speed has turned you into a mugging 80's dance machine.

However you choose to shed those extra summer lbs, know that we here at The Soup are behind you. Just please be careful.

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