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    Save the Date. Set the DVR.

    This week, the Supreme Court handed down several decisive rulings in favor of same sex marriage. When the decisions were read one question undoubtedly sprang to the forefront of every mind in America. Which TV characters will totally marry each other now that they can?!

    Ok, so maybe that was just the first thought on the minds of our good friends over at E! Online. And although their list was very comprehensive, they forgot some key TV couples destined for the same-sex altar. Fortunately, we didn't.

    1. A.C. Slater and Zack Morris

    TV Gay Marriage

    That's right Bayside. The jock and the preppy can finally embrace the love we all knew was there. I just hope Kelly is OK with the fact that she was pretty much just a buffer for their sexual tension the entire time. Same with Mr. Belding. Word on the street is Zack Attack is playing the reception. I bet Jessie is so excited and so...scared.

    2. Michael Knight and KITT

    TV Gay Marriage

    Sure, they're crime fighting partners. And yes, one is a car and the other is a German pop sensation but you who doesn't care about either of those things? Love. If these two aren't turbo boosting towards wedded bliss right now after all they've been through together, then I just don't know what to think. Plus, they've already got a great pic for the invitations.

    TV Gay Marriage

    Besides, who hasn't wanted to bone a car before? Am I right?...Hello? I this thing on?...Hello? (Insert your own cricket noises here)

    4. The Ladies of The View

    TV Gay Marriage

    Remember when Madonna was like, "C'mon girls! Do you believe in love?! 'Cause I got something to say about it," in "Express Yourself?" Well I'm saying that right now to the ladies of The View. It's time to drop the pretense that you're just chatty friends who enjoy each other's company on TV in a very strained and at times hard to watch way and claim the destiny love has laid out for you. As a group of chatty sister wives without a creepy husband who enjoy each other's company on TV in a very strained and at times hard to watch way. The time has come to do what Barbara always says and enjoy the view...from the same-sex marriage zone.

    4. Keith Olbermann and Keith Olbermann

    TV Gay Marriage

    If marriage is a commitment based on love, respect, and mutual admiration then I've got good news for Keith Olbermann. He's already found the special someone who fits that criteria. Himself. C'mon Keith. You know you want to.

    What's that? Marrying yourself isn't legal? Ohhhhh. Well, if Keith is down for it anyway we won't tell. It'll be hotter that way.

    TV Gay Marriage