Channing Tatum was recently sighted casting his blessing on a random fan's baby bump. A newly minted father himself, Tatum seemed eager to spread his beneficence upon the offspring of a total stranger.

Channing Tatum

Sellebrity RICK / Splash News

Quite a windfall for the lucky fan who, in all likelihood, is now about to give birth to our nation's first black president.

Perhaps we shouldn't claim that he's able to perform miracles but all the evidence seems to imply it.

Tatum Fan Pleaser
Tatum Wears White
Tatum Crime Fighter
Tatum Stripper
Tatum Cooler
Tatum Beach
Tatum Dogwalker


Not just a pretty face! Mostly, but not completely. Thank you Channing, for all that we recklessly assume you do.

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