How was your week? Good? Even with THIS sort of thing happening? What if there had been an innocent rat on the other side of the door? Or that rat's owner, just going about her business, firing hilarious responses in the comment sections of articles regarding the wrongful termination of Mr. George Zimmer? Or what if if GEORGE ZIMMER had been there? He probably would have dressed that snake in a beautiful tuxedo! Well fine, then. Enjoy the choicest links of the week.

Captain Crunch thumb


She hid behind a bra for so many years. Finally, Courtney's ready to make things right.

Are you ready for the totally realistic storm that's brewing? Well, what if there were more than one??

Miley simply cannot stop  when it comes to collecting giant teddy bears.

Brad Pitt's fighting harder than you ever imagined...but he always gives in to Goodwill.

With this new spin on Honey Boo Boo, you can almost taste the Brachioplasty.

Jenny McCarthy's a pretty cheap date. Still, steer that woman away from the iceberg wedge.


Paula Deen has issued an apology, saying she's sorry for the amount of salt in her "Bacon Butter N-Word Burgers."

Sometimes less is more; particularly when it comes to the below-nose philtrum area.

Kim and Kanye had nine months and came up with this . Why not something edgy, like Leftover Soup?

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