Syfy is at it again. It always seems like their most recent offering can't be topped but then the next one comes along and does just that. We assumed that Sharktopus was the absolute zenith of telefilm achievement but a few months later, Dinoshark blew it out of the water.

So we have no doubt that their new original TV movie, Sharknado, in which the sharks marauding through a water-logged Los Angeles get swept up into—why are we explaining it? You get the gist; it's gonna to be awesome. What is worth mentioning is that it stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. Omigod, can't wait!

Sharknado Poster 2

We don't want to tell you how to do your jobs Syfy—you obviously have things well in hand—but this news of this surefire masterpiece has given us some other ideas that we wanted to pass along, for your consideration.


Hopefully this isn't too presumptuous but we have some casting ideas for you as well.

Billy Zane and Sean Young for Purricano, Carl Weathers and all of The Bengals for B-Lizard, and Tan Mom digitally copied thousands of times for Mommy Tsunami. Whaddaya think?

To be clear, we don't want a cut or anything. We're just doing our part to enrich the cinematic landscape. Should you feel inclined to show your appreciation, though, a few complimentary Blu-Rays of Mansquito wouldn't go amiss.

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