Continuing a proud and time-honored tradition, Jenny McCarthy is the latest lady to be enlisted by Carl's Jr. to make uninhibited mouth-love to their fast food offerings. Here, we get a behind-the-scenes peak at what it takes to make fast food sexy. As far as we can tell, slow motion and slipping that iceberg lettuce some tongue seem to be the prevailing techniques.



Sadly, Jenny's love affair with the salad was short lived. Two weeks after the shoot, she discovered that she had a bud in the oven and knew to whom it belonged. The salad, having already forgotten their brief tryst and set its sights on Kate Upton, refused to take responsibility and none too gently suggested that their salad baby be composted. Jenny of course refused and carried the micro-salad to term.

But it was all for nought. Further sticking with her principles, the new mother refused to let her little bundle of nutrition be vaccinated, lest it lead to complications like autism or space herpes. Kale Caesar McCarthy contracted pertussis shortly thereafter and simply wilted away.

Salad Baby

R.I.P. Kale Caesar McCarthy - You Will Be Missed

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