Honey Boo Boo child is coming back and we can't wait. Not only are we going to a get a look at how many of Sugar Bear's teeth made it through the long hiatus, we're also going to finally have an opportunity to smell the show. How, you ask? By snagging one of the ten million watch "watch & sniff" cards being distributed to promote the season premiere.

Viewers will be able to scratch and sniff the card along with the episode to fully immerse themselves in what we're sure will be a touching, classy, and not at all highly exploitative reality TV sh*t show. Technically we haven't seen the card yet but we're fairly certain it'll be something close to this. You'll find a helpful scent key below.



1.  Baby Kaitlyn's grim, educationless future.
2.  Kid Rock songs playing at a formal event.
3.  Peeing in a bounce house. At a formal event.
4.  Smoking pet.
5.  Diabeetus.

Not that it needs to be said, but "diabeetus" smells like candy corn.

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