Steven Seagal never ceases to amaze. Expanding his self-initiated diplomatic mission to Russia, the action star travelled to Chechnya to foster some good will between the two embroiled nations. How does one go about such a lofty undertaking? By fight-dancing, of course. More specifically, by adding some signature karate chops to his interpretation of the local dance customs.

Yes, it is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Breaking down cultural barriers with extreme prejuidice. We would expect nothing less from the man who's been chumming it up with Vladimir Putin, is the new face of a Russian arms company, and the star of both Mercenary for Justice and Urban Justice. Keep it up, Mr. Seagal.

Also, have you considered teaming up with Dennis Rodman to do an action thriller about renegade diplomats? Maybe call it something like Aggresive Negotiations? What's there to lose? It couldn't be any worse than Double Team or Simon Sez.

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