Did you catch Game of Thrones last night? If not, we won't spoil it for you...okay, maybe just a little bit. Chances are, someone at the water cooler or in the next cubicle over has already said too much, so we don't feel too bad for what follows.

If nothing else, you probably know that this season's penultimate offering was a real doozy. Vows were exchanged, blades were unsheathed, and more than one central character met with their abrupt and unceremonious ends. We'll spare you the details—they're all pretty graphic—but what we will do is provide a brief reenactment of the episode's most pivotal moments.

Bolton Soon gif
It's A Trap!
Chad's Dad Shank gif
Arya Reaction gif
I'm Bleeeeding gif
Lady Stark gif

In our defense, it's not really a spoiler. After all, this season's tagline "You win or you get prison shanked" does seem to have foreshadowed this turn, in hindsight.

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