With a new Prime Minister of Helicopter Dates now reigning in the Bachelor Mansion, our lives will soon flood with jacuzzi bubbles, the phrase, "I'm the luckiest man in the world," and metaphorical deaths by way of public transportation. But until then, take a moment to rest your mind, just as M. Night Shyamalan did during the filming of "After Earth", and enjoy this, our weekly round-up of links.


For unlimited access to post-modern Monte Cristos, hop on your Rascal and head on over.

Only the best for Kim and Kanye's bundle of joy, who will dream in a Lucite dungeon. 

Time to move over, Garfield and Friends. Grumpy Cat only has mortal enemies.

Amanda Bynes knows exactly what she's doing. DM her to find out more.

Like so many tortured artists, the Hanson (the band) eventually turned to alcohol.

For such a dynamic performance in Behind the Candelabra, we're surprised Rob Lowe didn't even blink an eye.


If you have breasts and like Feijoada, this restaurant made your day.

Carbohydrates are trendy now, but only those that epitomize France.

We're not quite sure anyone's dying to see Mel Gibson with a machete.