It probably won't surprise you to learn that Kim & Kanye are going full out when it comes to giving baby Kimye the nursery he/she/it deserves. E!'s Chief Correspondent for Unborn Celebrity Children has it on good authority that the high-profile couple are purchasing the VETRO crib, designed by Daniel Fong and costing a mere $3,995.


Kimye Crib

Very chic. Very minimalist. Looks to be nigh inescapable as well. A little on the expensive side but money is no object when attempting to impress a barely sentient being whose chief interests are mammaries and excretion.

It's stylish and all but there's also something a little unsettling about it. It's sort of hard to picture the life an infant might lead in such a fashionable prison cube...

Kimye Crib Silenced

Oh. Yeah, that seems about right. A couple of stuffed lambs to play with and little Kimye Jr. will be well and truly set.

The camera crews are going to have a hell of a time shooting around those reflective surfaces, though. Maybe that's the—no that couldn't be the point.

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