Mother's Day is just around the corner (we'll wait while you go "Oh sh*t!" and write yourself a note). This week mankind's baby mama, Mother Earth, got the best present she could ask for. No, not a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Laughter! You guys submitted so many seriously great captions that it was hard to choose a winner. But we did, because we're not f-ing pussies.

Caption This Winner Tree

Congrats, Adam! Thank you for perfectly adapting a beloved childhood book in a realist modern context.

We had to give a runner-up trophy to Morgan Pulitzer for this clever retort:  "Looks like the Lorax is not needed here." There goes Danny DeVito's commercial viability.

Thanks everyone for your efforts! We would honorably mention more here, but we're trying to conserve and you know, be green. 

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