Twerking. What is it? How has it so captivated today's young, impressionable minds? Is it indeed as 'ratchet' as its proponents claim? Some define it as an innocuous dance move, while others posit that it's the first step on the path to inevitable ruin and shame. Only time will tell.

What we do know is that 33 students at a high school in San Diego are currently under suspension, with threat of being banned from their prom and graduation ceremonies, for making a video of this phenomenon with school equipment, while on school grounds. Perhaps the video in question will help shed some light on the subject.



Oh. It's booty shaking. Yeah, kids probably shouldn't be doing that. Which, of course means that they're totally going to do it anyways.

It's almost as if these students are roiling cauldrons of hormonal confusion who haven't yet fully developed their impulse control and decision making skills. Whether twerking is totally inappropriate or just a harmless bit of fun, at least one thing is clear: teenagers are kind of dumb sometimes.

Where on earth do they learn this stuff?

Barney & Dora
Tiaras Twerk
Beavis & Butthead Twerk
Spongebob Twerk

via Gawker

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