Crafty sexpot Martha Stewart revealed on the Today show that not only is she single, she's ready to mingle! The 71-year-old recently took her search for romance online by setting up a profile. But she's clearly barking up the wrong tree—everyone knows there's only ONE true way to find love. By dating 25 emotionally unstable producer-selected hunks on reality TV!

Martha Stewart Bachelorette

Martha would be a perfect addition to the Bachelorette family—she is after all, a total MILF (Martha I'd Like to Fondue With). Just think of all the superhot potential dates:

- Helictopter ride to Michael's Craft Store

- Truffle hunting with pigs on outer edge of Martha's property 

- Using a hot tub to slow cook a turkey (group date)

- Tour of organic goat cheese farm and beekeeping unit

- Kennebunkport crab bake w/ Martha's grandchildren

- Shampooing Diana and Merriweather, Martha's thoroughbreds

- Harvesting seasonal gourds for Thanksgiving centerpiece

- Handball with prison friends (group date)

- Latchhooking a tapestry for Martha's formal dining room (2-on-1)

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