Everyone's been talking smack about hundred dollar bills behind their back. How they be looking all sad, and green, and hard to authenticate. Luckily the US Federal Reserve is finally making themselves useful and focusing their attention someplace productive: MAKEOVERS!!!

The Fed is printing new Benjamins in October and they've already released a sample of what they'll look like:

Hundred Dollar Bill

I know what you're thinking: "The national debt never looked so fabulous!" But we the people of The Soup think the government is missing a huge sponsorship opportunity. Think about it: dollar bills are basically millions of little flyers. In other words, they're just unused ad space! Corporations already use money as speech, this is just a more direct route. What could be more American than money for sale??

New Hundred Dollar Bill

Since we're giving you a million-dollar idea, US Government, how about you throw us a bone? Or, a hundred? I mean, we couldn't even afford to get a Soup logo on our own photoshop. 

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