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True Hollywood Story: The Funky Bunch

Mark ‘Marky Mark' Wahlberg is considering a reunion charity concert for with the Funky Bunch. For those of you that did not know, before he became an Oscar nominated movie star, Mr. Wahlberg was a shirt-hating rapper, lazy lover and abandoned factory exercise enthusiast.

But who are the Funky Bunch? No one ever knew, nor did they ever care. Truth is Marky could just grab some dancers off craigslist and we'd never be the wiser. Fortunately for you, The Soup did some research and has a who's who guide to the Funky Bunch. 

Meet the funky bunch

Loleatta 'Funky' Holloway: Never an offical member of the Funky Bunch, Loleatta's song "Love Sensation" was sampled for Good Vibrations and Marky did right by her, giving her full credit and royalites. Sadly she'll be unable to join the reunion do to moving on to the funkiest of all places, heaven (kisses finger, points to funky sky).

Meet the funky bunch

Lefty Funky: When the majority of your music is lifted from other songs you only need one hand to play piano.

Meet the funky bunch

Count Funkula: If there's anything funkier than counting, I don't want to know about it. 1...2...3.... FEEL THE VIBRATIONS!

Meet the funky bunch

Funky Dancers: The Funky Bunch has plethora of amazing dancers, 'Flips-a-lot', 'The Triplets', 'The girl paid to simulate "sex" with Marky'. But no one caputures the funky spirit quite like a girl in a giant hat, army boots and the loosest-fitting jeans a 90s girl could hope for.

Meet the funky bunch

???: We've been trying to figure out this guy's role in the Funk Bunch. Is he a funky intern? The funky producer? Marky's funky conscience? Whoever he is he seems rather unimpressed by Marky's physical prowess and we have a feeling that's why he doesn't retain the same amount of fame as the rest of the Funky Bunch.