It's time again for a brief animated summary of last night's show. You of course watched the show in its entirety, as you always do, every week, religiously, but there's no harm in reminiscing. It can only strengthen the special bond we share between us.

Starting off in typically grand fashion, we featured this cat like...really vibin' n' groovin' on a vacuum nozzle.

Soup Recap GIFs Cat

Then there were these two newscasters, who bravely held it together for an awkward interview with E!'s newest effigy, Ryan Lochte but lost their shizzle immediately after.

Soup Recap GIFs Lochte

And speaking of Jeah Rule, Joel was kind enough to explain E!'s rationale for giving Lochte his sixteenth minute.

Soup Recap GIFs Lochte
Soup Recap GIFs Lochte

From there, we explored a little Celebrity Relationship News, reading between the lines of Kim's finalized divorce.

Soup Recap GIFs Kim

Finally, though we didn't plan on saving the best for last, it happily just kind of worked out that way. Booby slapping.

Soup Recap GIFs Slap

Followed by some dong slapping, with the help of our friend John Oliver.

Thanks John! You slap a mean dingus. We hope that's not British slang for anything untoward.

That's it for now. Be sure to experience the show in all its full-length, unabridged majesty, every Wednesday night at 10/9c!


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