Beyoncé recently took to the stage at the kickoff of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in an outfit both bedazzled and benippled (which is a word now, we decided---she forced our hand in this matter) and created a stir with what was less a wardrobe malfunction than simply a function of her wardrobe. 

Beyonce, Tour

Kauffman / GoldenEye/Splash News

While most of the buzz is swirling around her titillating display of mammary accentuation, we find ourselves more troubled by trying to place what this outfit reminds us of. It reminds us looks like...dang, it's right there, on the tip of our brains. Maybe...

...a moth's natural camouflage?

Moth Eyes

A plaintive-looking slow loris?

Slow Loris

Ursula's poor unfortunate souls?

Poor Souls

Gozer the Gozerian?


Treebeard, the pensive Ent?


Nope, we got it. Finally came to us. Beyonce's bazongas look like and hold similar power to the GLORY OF THE HYPNOTOAD!

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